Monday, December 19, 2011

Lonesome at Christmas -- by KittyCat

Yesterday, an empty ribbon spool rolled across the floor, but I didn't feel like chasing it. I got Mom worried because I'm not jumping in boxes or pulling tissue paper out of gift bags she's arranged just so. I heard her tell Dad, “He's sick. He hasn't touched the Christmas decorations. He hasn't been under foot in the kitchen, and...”
“... And you're complaining?” Dad picked me up and offered me a couple of treats. “He's growing up, that's all.”
I ate the treats just to please him, but they were both wrong. I wasn’t sick, but I did feel yukky. It’s a sad and lonesome feeling I used to get all the time before I got adopted. My tabby friend Snookie says it’s called heartsick.
She knows, cuz she gets it, too. She and her human Mom, my Auntie Gay, travel lots. Sometimes, when they’re in another state Auntie takes a side trip, and Snookie has to stay in a boarding place. Can you imagine feeling lonesome with all those other cats and dogs and people around? "It’s the very worst," she said. "There’s no lonesome like being dumped in a crowded kennel."
I thought Snookie and my friend, Sophie (she’s my dog pal), were spending Christmas with us. But they’re not. I’m not getting any people food this year cuz my doctor says it’s not healthy. Ya, right. It’s not healthy for her paycheck when moms don’t buy that cat diet stuff. On top of all that, it’s going to snow today, and be snowy for Christmas. That means cold and wet.
When Mom hung my “Precious Kitty” stocking on the mantel, she picked me up, snuggled me, and said gooey loving things to me. I purred and didn’t fuss to jump down cuz when Mom worries, it makes me feel even worse. Besides, I’m hoping she’ll put good stuff in my stocking. That’s yummy good, not good-for-you good.
I sure looked forward to my friends staying here for the holidays, but it's Christmas time. That’s joyful time. It says so in the Bible. I’ll show Mom how happy I am and climb the Christmas tree.

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