Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simply Fun: A Sitcom in Print

Most folks in the writing community around Amarillo, Texas know Travis Erwin wrote The Feedstore Chronicles. And if they’ve read comments about his book, they’ve heard it is entertaining. It isn’t merely entertaining; it delivers at least a smile per page, and provides enough laughter to eliminate enervation caused by a difficult workday.

If you are offended by language you’d hear in a bar—oh, you’ve never been in a bar? –then don’t read it. If you’d like a lighthearted book that illustrates not merely good, but great writing, get the book.
Its cover hints at comedy, but belies the fact that a true word crafter produced The Chronicals…., with prose worthy of the book’s price and time spent reading it.
Characters in The Feedstore Chronicles are too lifelike to be entirely fictionalized, but too much fun to be anything but. And fresh metaphors enliven scenes: “I thieved the position from Hunter Thomas as blatantly as a pickpocket lifts your wallet.”
Serious readers will appreciate techniques Mr. Erwin uses to provide transitions and back stories. They’ll savor an expert’s use of vocabulary and skill in creating dialog. They’ll notice how deftly the author weaves events into his story.
Readers of all stripes will simply relish a coming of age story—a sitcom in print.

© 2012, Bernice W. Simpson


  1. Wow, Bernice. You really made my day. And to think I was worried my rather lewd life experiences would be a bit too crude for your taste.

    1. When you raise three sons, it takes a lot to shock. Your writing is right on target for the story. What I find offensive is the uncouth thrown in for no reason, and that is not the case with "The Chronicles...." I plan to order copies for my kids. Give me a good deal, and I'll get some for nephews and grandkids, too.