Monday, May 7, 2012

It's short -- by KittyCat

Karina Ohmes, my best human friend, calls me Trouble. And when she's around, I sure try to live up to that name. It's Karina's birthday, so first thing I gotta do: Happy Birthday, Karina.

Mom shut me out of the office cuz I'd mess up her tax paperwork, she said. That's crazy. You can't mess up something that's already messed, and there's no way I could make this office messier. You sure can't tell by looking that it's Monday, Mom's housecleaning day.  

I only got in the office cuz Mom went to the front door when a guy rang the doorbell. She's telling a yard guy we already got a yard guy. Ha, ha. That's Dad. 

Anyhow, Mom had Karina's Facebook page up, and I got this picture from her page. It's from Animal Abuse!! The Punishment Should Fit The Crime. No sense it thinking about blogging today with Mom hogging the computer. So maybe you'll like this and will think about adopting a furry friend. 

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