Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet Luis Alberto Urrea

On Saturday, September 15, author Brian A. Hopkins “will teach us [Panhandle Professional Writers] how to build a world our sci-fi, fantasy and horror characters can feel at home within.” – The PPW Window

On Thursday, September 20th, acclaimed author Luis Alberto Urrea will talk about the real thing, known as the Devil’s Highway. It’s not a highway—not even a road, but a region in the Arizona desert. In his book, The Devil’s Highway Mr. Urrea says “It’s a naturalist’s dreamscape. For the illegals, it’s a litany of doom.”

If you’re prone to nightmares, The Devil’s Highway is not good bedtime reading. You won’t see much of the dreamscape. You’ll see the horror of that parched wasteland twenty-six men faced in 2001. Lost and out of water, the coyotes paid to guide the group, abandoned them, leaving them to die in a hostile desert. Twelve survived.

Luis Urrea will speak at the Civic Center next week. You have time to read the true story of the men, their dreams to rise from poverty, their desires for things we take for granted, like education for our children. You’ll follow the Mexicans from their homes through the arrangements and travel to the Mexican/United States border. Then you’ll learn details of the unimaginable trek in horrendous heat in possibly the most inhospitable region of the country.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to Meet Luis Alberto Urrea in person. A Pulitzer Prize finalist, he has won multiple awards. Mr. Urrea writes poetry and graphic novels in addition to regular fiction and nonfiction. No time to read? Go to to find about his audio books, and watch videos featuring the author.

Get event and ticket information about Mr. Urrea’s presentation in Amarillo from The Wesley Community Center: 806-372-7960.   

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