Monday, January 7, 2013

Turkey, Catnip, and Other Good Stuff -- by KittyCat

What’s good about Christmas? Well, for one thing, Mom and Dad get real busy. This year, they were busy as ever. On top of that cuz the flu shot zapped Mom pretty good, she cancelled a bunch of stuff. The best bump off her winter to-do list was my annual doctor’s appointment.

But the very best thing about Christmas is turkey. Dad doesn't like it, so I get lots. I get so much I don’t mind sharing with my tabby friend, Snookie, who spent Christmas with us. I even didn't care that Mom gave some to Meaka.

Meaka is a German shepherd, a dog that walks by our place with his mom, Dagmar. She’s a German human. The first time I heard Mom say that name, I got confused.  The lady was some distance away, and Mom, holding the garden hose, called to her, “Dagmar!” I kinda though it was strange—hearing Mom swear at someone and threaten them with a blast from the garden hose. I swear, Dagmar is the lady’s name. And I had it wrong. Mom had plants to share with Dagmar, and was getting ready to put water in a pot for Meaka cuz it was hot outside.

Aunt Pen forgot to bring Snookie’s stocking, so we just had one filled between us. We got lots of treats and some little cans of yummy food. Mom’s catnip plants died last summer, so she bought a bag. “It’s not organic or even USA-grown” she said to Dad. “I hope their hair doesn't fall out.” I figured she was just making jokes. But just in case, I let Snookie play with her catnip-filled toys before I touched mine. Ha, ha. Snookie thought I was being real nice letting her be first.

I was pretty nice to Snook the whole time she was here. Snook always got her breakfast first. I let her have the office chair, and didn’t use her litter pan. I even let her sit beside Mom on the sofa when she wanted to.

“You must be sick,” said Snook one day. “ You've actually allowed me to get some attention.”

And there’s lots of Snook, the flabby tabby, to get attention. Tempting, but I didn’t say that out loud. Truth is, I did have a tummy ache. Like I said, Mom gets real busy at Christmas. That day she didn’t notice when I ate my breakfast and most of Snook’s. I ended up with the runs.

Tons of food is what’s not so good about Christmas. But at the time I forget all that from the year before, and just remember the best parts. I'll bet you do, too.

© Bernice W. Simpson

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