Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Case of Bad Timing

Dianne G. Sagan of Amarillo is a writer and speaker, and was the intended subject of my blog tonight. Then, I planned to follow it in a week or two with a review of at least one of her books. 
So much for plans. To write good articles about other people takes research. That means interviews with them, as well as their friends and acquaintances.

It's through research a writer learns about anecdotes that pop up in conversation, but rarely in formal interviews. For example, a friend, using her GPS to find an address, followed its directions, and indeed arrived at the address she had entered, but … well, you've already guessed, haven’t you? The GPS led her to the wrong town.

I hope Diane Sagan was exactly where she wanted to be last week. I’m glad to know (via Face Book) she arrived home safely. To call her this week would have been the epitome of bad timing, if not plain rude. Undoubtedly, she had a stack of mail to go through, and list of emails several pages long.

I’ll keep the book review on my do list for next Thursday. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about Dianne, simply do a search on Dianne G. Sagan, and watch her name come up. You may not collect any tidbits—those morsels caught in conversation, but you can learn about Dianne as a writer.

I find a book review more interesting when I know a bit about the author, don’t you?

© 2013, Bernice W. Simpson 

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  1. Thanks, Bernice. I was exactly where I planned to be last weekend - at the Writing for the Soul conference in Colorado Springs. It was amazing! I've been catching up all week as you suspected. Also, working on my next book.