Monday, July 16, 2012

Friendship and Stuff -- by KittyCat

I’m confused.

First, my tabby friend, Snook says I spelled it wrong: soshell—it means really nice and friendly. OK, so I’ll spell it her way, but lots of times I don’t know when to believe her, cuz Snook’s favorite topic is talking about what she does better than me. I think when she runs out of real stuff, she makes things up just to bug me.

Thought I knew what social means, but now am confused about that, too. A man, Mr. President, was on TV one day—just smiling and talking to folks, real friendly like. A guy visiting us said something about Mr. President being the socialest. That’s gotta mean more social than anyone else, but the guy frowned, like that wasn’t such a good thing. “Anymore and he’d be red” said this guy.   

Well, I didn’t see Mr. President getting all red faced, and why should he? Nobody said anything to make him look stupid. In fact he was the only one talking. Red? Maybe the guy can’t see color so good. I’ve heard TV people say Mr. President is black. Mom says he’s half black and that makes him half white, and what does it matter anyhow?

Dad doesn’t say much—you can’t tell for sure if he agrees or disagrees with people. Mom’s different. She said “red” was a little strong, but Mr. President did lean to the left. Maybe I missed it, but he stood up straight when I looked. I’ve never seen him leaning left, but he does look real funny getting off his airplane. He holds his hands just like dogs do their paws when they’re begging.

Mom said Mr. President is begging—for votes, but he won’t get many from her friends, cuz Mr. President is turning lazy people into freeloaders.

About the first thing Snook ever said to me was that I was a freeloader. “And I’m proud of it,” I said, knowing she was jealous cuz I moved in. “And if I’m one, then you’re one, too,” I said. She tried to tell me how her getting adopted by Aunt Pen was different than my moving in here, but I drowned her out by saying “freeloader” over and over. She jumped at me, so I went to the door to escape outside.

Snook can’t go outside much because this doctor had a big student loan to pay off, so he talked Aunt Pen into letting him take Snook’s front paws’ claws. I can’t see why anyone would buy them. What good’s a claw without a paw?

Snook’s on vacation with Aunt Pen. I guess I do know what social is, cuz I miss her. We argue a lot, but sometimes we just sit or snooze in the same room, and like it cuz we’re more than social (if that's how you spell it)—we’re best friends.

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  1. Aww I'm glad that Kitty Cat is warming up to Snook. ;p