Monday, July 23, 2012

What Do You Know? -- by KittyCat

Bet you didn’t know this: humans got holes in their heads. I’m not just talking spaces between ears that maybe is a joke (I tried to check Dad’s ear the other day, but he pushed me away). These are real big spaces. So if we cats have smaller heads, it’s not cuz we got teensy brains, it’s cuz we don’t got those big spaces in our heads.

The spaces are called sinusses. I found out about it by hearing Mom tell Dad stuff after she went to the doctor.

A bunch of what she said confused me, though, and my tabby friend, Snookie, is still on vacation, so she can’t tell me about things I don’t know. Like, one thing I don’t get is the doctor had pictures made of inside Mom’s head. Well, how do you take pictures of empty spaces? Boy, Dad could have fun with that one, if Mom felt good enough to at least give him that look. Anyhow Mom’s weren't empty, and the doctor said they were a cute (a cute what I'm wondering, since ... well, like I said Snookie isn't here to explain things).  

Being a cute is good, right? But it sounds like a human maybe likes cute on the outside, but not inside, cuz Mom’s taking pills to get rid of the cute stuff. 

She didn't do much this weekend. So I didn't do much, either. I spent most my time just being with Mom, cuz folks get better faster when they have someone special like me to keep them company. I’ll bet you already know that and have a nice cat or little dog in your family. But if you didn't know it, well, you do now, and there’s a special friend waiting at the animal shelter to get adopted by someone real nice like you.

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