Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year -- by KittyCat


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Flabby Tabby in the flesh—very fleshy flesh specially the round abby.”
I rehearsed that for three days and could finally say it without an ab laugh. An ab laugh is like a belly laugh, except if you don’t have flabby abbies, your middle doesn’t jiggle like jelly.

I decided to save it for another time, cuz it was almost Christmas, and we're sposed to be kind at Christmas. Besides, I was excited for Snookie to spend Christmas with us. She spat at me in October cuz she thought I said she was fat. Instead of making funny jokes that hurt her feelings, I told myself ten thousand times, I'd be nice to her. 

And I was. She came here on December 11th. Showing my nice side, I touched noses with Snookie to welcome her–a bad move, cuz Snook the Snot was in a bad mood.

When she hissed one of those words you could win a game of Hangman with, and slapped at me, I just moved back a bit. I remembered how I felt when Mom and Dad went to Arkansas. Even though Karina stayed with me most the time, I was upset over being left behind. 

To give Snook space, I went into to office, and she wandered in later. Half snoozing on the guest bed, I told Snook she could join me or have the office chair if she wanted it. She did want it, and has hogged it for two weeks. I got the office now because Snook’s snuggling by Mom who’s watching TV with Dad.

It was kinda nice to have Snook here—in fact, real nice to have company when Mom and Dad went out. But like those Christmas lights that blink off and on, and change colors, and chase each other around the roof, real nice can get real tiring. I’ll bet that’s how Aunt Pen feels about being around all her relatives about now. I’ve even heard her call them blinkety-blink something. Maybe it was blankety-blank.

Anyhow, tomorrow is a brand new year. Aunt Pen will come and take Snookie home. That will be a happy new year start.

Hey, I hope yours gets off to a happy start, too, and is super great all year long.

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