Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Could Run Away -- by KittyCat

I didn’t write Monday cuz Mom hogged the computer—all day. Then, on Tuesday, she stuffed the office full of clutter junk, and closed the door so the FABS (Four Active Brains group) would think the house was nice and clean. She finally opened the door today, got Monster, the vacuum cleaner from its hiding place, and now she really is cleaning house.

Last week, my friend, (well, sometimes we’re friends) Snook, came over with Aunt Pen. Snook said Auntie read that Mom’s fixing my pomes, and plans to sell them.  I didn’t believe it, but then I saw this from last year:

 A Cat in the Corner: Conversations Overheard in a Writers’ Group is primarily a gift book for writers. The concept: KittyCat, ignored by humans, has eavesdropped on a critique group’s meetings. Now, in light verse, he spills what he’s heard, including confidential whispered asides.

The book addresses the practical—what writers need to know, from manuscript preparation to marketing. It exposes the emotional—how writers react to situations, from criticism received to sales made. And it covers the relational—how writers relate to group members as well as business professionals.

Best of all, it entertains. KittyCat celebrates members’ joyful announcements, snickers at caustic comments, and ridicules writers’ frustrations with equal gusto. Occasionally the little snoop punctuates his tattling with thoughts of his own. Nobody has had more belly laughs over the serious business of writing than KittyCat, and he’ll share the fun with all who peruse the A Cat in the Corner: Conversations Overheard in a Writers’ Group.

I’m so ticked at Mom for stealing my pomes, I’m halfway thinking maybe I’ll run away. The last time I ran away ...

Well, for now I’ll just go outside and sit on crocus flowers Mom’s real proud of and cogitate. 


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  2. Hello, Nat, I just noticed you had left a comment, and I hate that you removed it before I had a chance to see it. If your comment was negative, remember we learn by listening to others, and writers are always looking for opportunities to learn. If your comments was positive, a "yes, but" or a question, I am interested in what readers have to say. Honest, I'm sorry to have missed your comment. Please try again.