Thursday, March 1, 2012

Write Your Story

She’s a quiet, gentle person—a single mom who puts in overtime to pay for extras, like a trip to visit her married daughter.

Since school days, she has written poetry and short stories, but never her story.

The settings in her story include a houseboat and a private island. How's this for exuberant moments? A swim—with a dolphin—in the Mediterranean. Speaking of activities further north, she mentions drinking hot chocolate in the Austrian mountains.

This Amarillo writer, whose shyness belies the adventures, financial reversals, and family drama she’s experienced, casually asked if her life could make an interesting story.

What a question! Yes, my sweet, unpretentious friend, start writing now. You'll have the support of Amarillo's writing community. Some of us, now called "seniors," want to be around to help with your book launch, too. 

And to all the "maybe I could..." writers out there. Simply start. Write about a memorable experience. If your story has heart, an online or local writing group will help you fine tune your prose. If you can't find a group, contact me. 

And if you are a reader who can offer encouragement for my friend, or other would-be writers, please share them. 

(c) 2012 Bernice W. Simpson

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