Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's Spring -- by KittyCat

I missed writing yesterday, but that's OK, cuz I heard today is special--the first day of spring.

But I don't understand how one day it's winter and the next day it's spring, just because somebody printed it real tiny on the calendar. It's been spring around here for weeks. I know cuz our neighbor's tree got its branches decorated with pretty white flowers. A bunch blew off, but it's still pretty. Now you can see just a bit of white between new green leaves. That's what says it's spring--trees, grass, daffodils and such start putting color all over the place.

Our yard isn't nice and green like the yards on Julian Boulevard. But we do have bare patches that I get to roll in. I also like how our yard is dotted with yellow flowers called dandelions. Mom told Dad to get rid of them. Dad said he figured she'd want to dig them up and put them in our garden spot. He reminded her about a package of mixed greens she bought for supper last winter. "Dandelion leaves right on the front label," he said.

I was looking at one then the other during that conversation, and I'm real glad about Sunday's note in tiny print on the calendar, "Daylight Savings Time Begins." That means I can be outside later now cuz it won't get dark so soon. That means it will still be daylight when Mom makes supper tonight, and I plan to be outside when she sets out Dad's salad plate.

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