Friday, August 17, 2012

Mary Lou Cheatham

In June, Barnes and Noble Booksellers hosted a book signing that featured 2012’s Frontiers in Writing conference presenters. I visited with authors Joe Trent and Mary Lou Cheatham, two of the event’s out-of-town speakers.

I was curious about Mary Lou Cheatham’s Secret Promise, because she worked on it during the short time she lived in Amarillo. Yesterday, I finally read a copy. Typical of the romance genre, the protagonist is lovely, and her romantic interest is handsome and athletic. But Mary Lou's inspirational story about a young woman in 1907 proves that creating steamy sex scenes is not a prerequisite to writing a romantic novel. As expected, it finishes with the required happy ending.

The deep South inspired the setting for Mary Lou’s Christian romance story as well as a cookbook she authored with Paul Elliot. The Collard Patch includes information about growing and harvesting the amazing cholesterol-lowering vegetable.

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