Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend -- by KittyCat

On Easter Monday, some folks get a day off, but at our house, it’s plain old Monday. Snook said Mom is self-employed, so she doesn’t get money if she doesn’t work. Heck, I know for sure, most of the time she doesn't get any money when she does work.

Snook’s mom, my Aunt Pen doesn’t get paid. Nobody in her office gets paid, and they all work double, cuz it’s hard to find people to work for nothing. And then there’s this office near us where the government pays people who say they want to work, but don’t. I don’t get it.

Anyhow Easter holiday weekend started Friday, and my friend Sophie, the only dog I know about my size, stayed with us. Sophie’s mom forgot to pack toys. Sophie and I chased a golf ball around for a time, but then all of a sudden Sophie sat down and wouldn’t play anymore. She likes to chew on her toys, and when she bit into it, its innards made snapping sounds, and bit her right back. Then she barked at that ball while giving it a good kick. Next she ran to the door, terrified, cuz the ball kept snapping and jumping a bit like it had gremlins.

Friday night was fun, too. I hardly ever get to stay outside after dark, but Mom and Dad were late getting to an art show, so didn’t take time to put me in the house. I chased birds from three yards, but at dark, I headed for my porch chair cuz Doggie was out again.

Oh, I found out about Doggie. His (not her) real name is Stooee, or Stuy, or something like that. Don’t  know why they didn’t name him Squeegee so you can find it in a dictionary and spell it right.

I guess nobody told the mutt you’re sposed to be good on Good Friday, and he barked at a little girl. That got her dad upset, cuz the little girl started crying.

 Next, here came the animal police driving real slow down our street, and around the alley, and then parked in front of our house for a long time. Makes you wonder if they knew it was Good Friday, cuz hauling dogs to jail for barking doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to do. Maybe the dog catchers were all ticked cuz they had to work while some folks got paid for not working that day.

When Mom took Sophie for a walk on Saturday, I went along. She let Sophie run back and forth by a wooden fence and annoy Devon, a real big puppy that lives near us. You could tell how Devon wanted out of the yard so badly. If she had, it would’ve taken half the neighborhood to fence her again. Devon flunked out of dog training school. I think it was on purpose, cuz she outsmarts people trying to catch her. She sits, tail wagging til they get close, then takes off running, sitting again just out of reach. There’s no fun like watching flustered humans.

Cat’s training has fancier name, so costs more money. The vet suggested Mom take me to one, but Dad said anybody who’d put good money out for a cat shrink needs to see one themselves.

Sunday wasn’t so fun for me, cuz Sophie went home, but it was kinda funny—well maybe not for Mom. Dad went to church with her, so they took his truck. In church Mom got sick from a pill that’s sposed to make a person better. Figure that one. Anyhow, on the way home she actually puked. Glad it was in Dad’s truck, cuz when I have to go somewhere its usually in Mom’s car.

At home, she went to sleep for a bit, and then was squeezed for time to get supper ready. No big deal, usually, but Easter Sunday is always company day, so supper is at a certain time. Everybody ended up bringing their own food, sort of. Mom got fried chicken and ice-cream, She served it with letter-shaped cookies that read “Happy Easter.” 

Even if we didn’t get Monday included in our holiday weekend, all in all, it was a Happy Easter weekend.

(c) 2012 Bernice W. Simpson

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