Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Writer’s Affirmations from A to Z

Writers spend long hours on research and before a computer screen. Alone. The mail arrives. Another rejection. Sometimes we need a boost.

Hopefully Affirmations from A to Z will give you a lift. Record it just as it is, or modify it to make it more personally yours. Then, listen to it daily. 
Ten minutes of self-talk will not fast forward you to your publication goals, but it will help you stay on track.

A Writer's Affirmations from A to Z

I am able adept animate. I alleviate negatives with positive affirmations. I appreciate my attributes, and attain greater confidence each time I mentally list my aptitudes, achievements, and admirable qualities. Allied with that kind of thinking, I anticipate abundance and always feel blessed,
        I easily befriend others, and never belittle anyone's efforts. In that same spirit, I've become more benign toward myself, believing that we each should be our own best buddy.
I am considerate never caustic. Why concentrate on petty concerns? Pettiness kills creativity. Better to work conscientiously and confidently,
I demand much of myself and demonstrate diligence in my work. I dig for facts, doggedly follow leads in pursuit of accurate details. I also delight in discovery of ideas, especially those which seem to arise from the depths of my own mind. I dare to dream
        When I earn less than expected, or enthusiasm's a bit flattened, I reject feelings of failure. I embrace thoughts of faith and visualize a future of fulfillment and financial gratification.
A good quote to follow is "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." I am going, growing and glowinggrateful even for life's gullies. They heighten the hilltops we reach.
        I am happy, forever hopeful. Never hampered by confusion between self-esteem and humility, I know healthy egos are okay so long as we do not assume we are the center of humanity.
Strong emotional health helps me be industrious and innovative. Furthermore, a hopeful, optimistic mindset is infectious, producing an uplifting impact on everyone, so with joy I keep affirming the positive. That's the key to a lustrous life, and someday perhaps, a luminous literary career.
Liberated from past negatives, I like myself. I've learned always to feel fully alive. A multi-faceted person, I admit to bits of mediocrity balanced by areas of mastery. Yes, I make mistakes, and I make amends. That's maturity.
        Whether my writing is considered noteworthy or not, my ego isn't nurtured nor is my self-worth nullified by the opinions of others.
        I optimize opportunity, prioritize my work, and ply my trade with persistence. I push for perfection, but do it with a peaceful heart.
        I quietly strive for quality in my work, mindful of a quintessential rule: rudimentary ideas must not be wrenched from their roots. I relax, reflect, give them room to grow, and then record them.
        Similarly, I see life's problems in terms of solutions that will surface in their own time. Thus, subordinate issues never sidetrack me.
        Success takes more than talent. I am tenacious. I attend to one chore at a time, unaffected by distractions.    Unabashed, I relish victories mine and those of my friends. Of ultimate value, however, is love of those friends, and family.
I praise God for a sense of well-being, a life that is well-balanced, and altogether worthwhile.
        Every day I review affirmations. Yes, infused with positive thoughts, my muse and I arise each morning determined to make the day extraordinary and to close it with a zinger.

(c) 2012, Bernice W. Simpson


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  2. Thanks. You would have liked my dad, the epitome of optimism. Try this for a byline, or lifeline--whatever fits the situation: "When you can't run a mile, crawl an inch." I'll write about him one of these days.