Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open up and Swallow Fast -- by KittyCat

I was too pooped to write yesterday. Sophie, my favorite dog friend, stayed with us at Easter and then came again on Wednesday. She didn’t leave until yesterday afternoon, and I didn't get a good nap the whole time she was here. We’d be out in the yard enjoying quiet friendship, and just as I’d nod off, she’d find something to bark at—a bird, a squirrel, people out walking their dogs, and even moths.

Yup moths. And I’ve been chasing those big fuzzy moths that are all of a sudden around by the thousands.

This morning Mom, drinking coffee on the porch with Dad told him they must keep a camera handy. I had just caught one. “Too cute,” she said, then almost choking on her coffee, she said, “KittyCat, that’s disgusting.”

“What?” Dad asked. He’d been watching a squirrel chittering at me from an elm tree branch.

“He ate it!” she shrieked.

I’m licking my chops, but Mom looks like she just swallowed bird droppings.

“Golly gee, my mom can see,” I want to say, “I’m kin to the great cats. Y’ think my savanna cousins eat canned kitty kibbles”?

As I ambled toward the backyard, I wondered if Dad would tell Mom that she’s eaten tons of insects. A government guy on TV last year said insect parts were in lots of foods—chocolate (mom’s favorite), peanut butter, mustard, and ketchup, even Heinz.

Wish I could talk human. Next time Mom and Dad had a bar-b-q, I’d just watch while Mom did all that work. Then just when she sat down and got ready to take a bite ... Ha, ha, I could get her so freaked out.

By summer, the moths will be gone, but you know what they say about flies coming to a picnic. Tasty or not, betcha I can have all kinds of fun with them.

(c) 2012, Bernice W. Simpson

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