Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two Thousand-Plus Awards and Still Counting

“Welcome to the world of rhyming poetry.” The greeting that invites the readers to browse through features a picture of an animated waterfall. Listen to the water splash when you read her eloquent poem placed beneath it.

Like sequined strands of shimmered cashmere shawl,
Cascading drops of silvered waterfall
Cast rippling waves that wind through crystal stream
To spread like wistful wishes in a dream.

A popular speaker at writers’ workshops, Marianne McNeil Logan has won over two thousand contest awards. Although I’ve never heard her introduced as poet and artist, Marianne’s original illustrations adorn several of her chapbooks I purchased from her.

Her collection, Moments in Mourning, brings soothing words to the desolate who grieve for a loved one who is terminally ill or has recently passed. But along with lyrical sentiments, cries of grief and anger at the unexpected stages that must be endured erupt from the pages with complete honesty.

If certain pages of her website show slight neglect, it is because much of Marianne’s time is now spent caring for her second husband, Claude, who is under Hospice Home Care.

My preferences lean to Marianne’s descriptions of our awesome world, written with beautiful words that both paint pictures and ring with music, especially when they are read aloud. When her publisher announced the press release for Sounds of the Seasons, I deemed it a good time to trumpet Marianne McNeil Logan’s accomplishments.

She also has Celebrations for Sonneteers on Kindle, which won three national prizes: Crossroads National Poetry Book Contest, Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. “Pegasus” award for a Book of Poetry, and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

Experienced poets will understand why the book stands as a reason to celebrate the sonnet and to applaud Marianne’s expertise as a sonneteer. The book shows fifteen different sonnet patterns, explaining formats and rhyme schemes. Marianne said, “it is ideal for poetry chapters interested in learning new patterns, and for poets wanting to learn more about sonnets, a very special part of poetry.”

Below is the press release for Sounds of the Seasons. Marianne feels it will be her favorite book. Many of the most descriptive poems are of her beloved Black Hills and the Texas Panhandle.

Press Release
Rhyming Poems for
Nature Lovers

The newest Kindle eBook by
Marianne McNeil Logan
from Path Publishing  for only $2.99!

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download it free onto
your computer from

The book’s INTRODUCTION: I love nature poems, and was delighted when Alex Stewart of New Horizon Poets invited me to be one of the four poets to be published in their annual publication  Timeless Shores . I hope you’ll like the other favorites I’ve picked out to go along with those in Sounds of the Seasons, my part of their book. I also love humor, so I picked a couple of special memories of what my twin sister and our younger sis did when we were kids. Then, too, I love sonnets, as you know, and there are several beautifully descriptive nature sonnets. I’ve also included haiku, cinquains, and triolets, which I hope you’ll like, too.
All of my longer poems are in rhyme, which seems to be a disappearing gift in our free verse, fast-moving world of today. I like to sprinkle lots of picturesque images and alliteration through my work. Hope you find some “ah-hahs!” that you enjoy, too.

How to purchase this nature-lovers book: Go to home page. On the left click on “Books.” Then click on “Kindle Books.” Type in the name of the book (or copy and paste) and click on the title or “Kindle Edition.”  

A well-known rhyming poet, Marianne has won over 2,000 poetry contest awards! Three of her chapbooks have garnered five national awards, two receiving Pulitzer Prize nominations. To find out more about her many chapbooks, visit her website, which shows the prices and awards at, e-mail, or write to 2700 S. Roosevelt, Amarillo Texas 79103. Add $1.50 for postage for the first book and 90 cents for each additional; Texans need to add sales tax of 8.25 percent.

To contact the publisher: Path Publishing, 4302 SW 51st #121, Amarillo, Texas 79109-6159; 877-PATH-877 (1-877-7284-877) or (806) 322-7007  call before 6 PM Central Time;

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